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The objective of this public PAOV forum (here forth refereed to as "forum"), is to encourage all interested individuals to interact online regarding the global "Occupy" movement (in solidarity with OccupyWallstreet), with specific focus on the interests and concerns of the Victoria PAOV movement. That said, this forum is not restricted to PAOV organization members, but is rather open to the public at large, including any other OccupyVictoria related groups whose views, methods and concerns may not necessarily be in alignment with the PAOV. We encourage collaboration and open respectful communications amongst all parties.

The objective is to engage in respectful dialogue, to self-educate, to develop or share ideas related to the movement, discuss local, national, or global concerns at length.

The objective of this forum is not to replace important face to face discussions occurring at Centennial Square or elsewhere, but we certainly encourage the sharing of the information that may have originated from such meetings for all to enjoy (gossip free please).

Further, the purpose of this forum is to provide an avenue of communication exchange *between* face to face meetings, as well as to allow for archiving of any and all movement related information/communications.

RESPECT - Every post you make MUST be respectful to other all members and organizations associated with the OccupyVictoria movement (not necessarily just the PAOV). This means no abusive language/name calling/rudeness/sexual harassment/personal attacks/derogatory remarks/excessive sarcasm/racist remarks etc. However, you may at any time strongly disagree with someone/anyone/everyone and express your reasons with strong but respectful language. We also encourage respectful constructive criticism. In short, please be mature and civil.

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