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Postby Mysticl » Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:09 pm

Welcome to the Public Forums of the People's Assembly of Victoria. These boards are provided by and administered by volunteers on behalf of the Assembly. ALL of the opinions contained in the forums are the personal and private opinions of the individual member and do not in any way constitute an official position by the People's Assembly of Victoria whether or not the statements is made by an administrator of this board or any other organizer within the Assembly. Any official statements (if any are made) will be found on the main webpage. They *MAY* be duplicated in the Announcements section of this forum but for the most up to date information it is advised to check the main website at PAOV.ca or OccupyVictoria.ca

The forum rules are standard and there is a *sticky* at the top of each board defining the general board rules and guidelines. This is a private board that happens to be open to the public and the judgement of the board administrators is the FINAL authority in any dispute.

All opinions are welcome as long as they are presented in a respectful way and do not *call out* anyone either directly or by implication. Play nice or don't play at all ;)

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