General Rules and Forum Guidelines

General Rules and Forum Guidelines

Postby Mysticl » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:23 am

Please refrain from swearing, using profanity, using foul language, displaying discourteous behaviour, racial, national or sexual slurs and other inappropriate or illegal behaviour.

No cyber stalking.

No posts that are defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, or violates any laws.

We understand that sometimes posters will wish to vehemently disagree with someone else's post. This is fine but personal attacks or responses resorting to vulgar language are not permitted. One can agree to disagree and post one's point of view without getting personal or in to a flame war. Debating is ok, berating and acting out is not permitted. Make sure your posts hold value.

No blatant disrespect of other users/members.

Do not call out people on the forums .. personal attacks will not be tolerated.

No pornographic or sexually natured content.

No links to inappropriate content.

No spam on the forums or harvesting contact information for commercial gain.

No soliciting, posting items for sale, posting links to items for sale, or attempting to obtain to obtain personal or contact information from other members for the purpose of soliciting.

No junk posts such as random characters, irrelevant garbage or a short message that adds no value to the forums.

People’s Assembly of Victoria Forum moderators have the right and authority to move, remove, or edit any posts deemed inappropriate or any posts that do not follow the forum guideline without user’s consent

People’s Assembly of Victoria Forum moderators have the right to penalize or ban members who continue to not follow these "General Forum Rules & Guidelines"

What constitutes a member being banned?
1st - a Warning is issued by a Moderator or Staff member to an inappropriate user.
2nd - a Suspension is issued to the user blocking them from the Forums for 7 days.
3rd – a Ban is placed on the user permanently prohibiting them from posting in the Forums.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for spam or abusive behaviour. The posting of spam or attempting to solicit other members, as well as those deliberately being abusive, will result in immediate account deletion and a permanent forum ban. Moderators of this forum are the FINAL authority on the above Terms of Service.

Welcome to our forums and play nice ;)


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