Parkade at UVic Mob Squad Thread

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Parkade at UVic Mob Squad Thread

Postby bob » Thu Jan 12, 2012 10:00 pm

Hello Everyone

At the first PAOV meeting at UVic, I mentioned the issue of the UVic administration deciding to build a seven story parkade, and we ended up forming a mob squad to work on the issue. I am creating this thread to help facilitate communication on the issue and to help get people informed. If the board admins would like to move this somewhere else, please let me know ASAP.

The UVic admin has decided to build an approx. 30 million, 7 story parkade on campus. If built it will become the largest building in Saanich. There are many questions around this, including why we are spending so much money to promote more people to drive to the university. UVic has also failed to do any meaningful consultation work either inside the university or in the larger community.

Here is some background reading:

UVic Carsa (the name of the athletics complex the parkade will be being built with) resources page.

Cadboro Bay Resident's Association Chronology page: ... ummary.htm

This stuff is all a little out of date, but it hits the main points.

Currently, as far as I can tell, the project is postponed until May. At that time it will go back to Saanich council to ask for a new variance. The consulting firm HB Lornac was hired to help with the consultation process, but near as I can tell, they have not engaged with anyone on Campus.

In terms of action, here are some things I came up with

-Go to the city council meeting when it is announced (I have no idea when that will be)
-Write letters to any newspaper (the Matlett in particular)
-tell EVERYONE you know about it. The more people who know about this the better.

-Build a scale parkade on campus
-info centre discussing the parkade
-larger section in the Martlett (front page!?!?!?)
-creating and distributing pamphlets and infosheets

People who we still need to get in contact with
-Bus Riders union
Carboro Bay Resident's association (an other community groups)
-Faculty at UVic who could be interested

Although I've gotten this project started, its very important that we continue as a group, and I would like to proceed by consensus on any decisions.

We should be setting up a meeting to discuss this very soon. Look forwards to hearing from people soon,
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Re: Parkade at UVic Mob Squad Thread

Postby Ivanhoe » Fri Jan 13, 2012 9:38 am

Here's the email I sent out to the group of people that signed up at the UVic assembly on Wednesday, January 11th, 2011.


Hello all,

Here's a link to the doodle poll which we can use to decide on a time for our first meeting. It should be fairly easy to use, I think.

Just select whatever times you think would work for you to attend and we'll pick the hour that has the most people available. Don't worry if you can't make this meeting; there will undoubtedly be more and you can always email and use the forum thread that Robert created ( viewtopic.php?f=9&t=105 ) to communicate your ideas to the group.

Once a time has been picked I'll book a room in the library unless anyone has any better suggestions. If the weather is nice it'd be great if we could meet by the fountain as that'd make us more visible!


Here are my own next suggestions:

- let's only be emailing each other about anything really important to do with the parkade and this group, otherwise we'll all get bogged down with emails. Use your discretion to decide what's really important.

- use the forum thread for discussion. This way people can voluntarily go there on their own time to check out what's being talked about and to add to the conversation.
Registering is very quick and easy and requires no personal info.
-- viewtopic.php?f=9&t=105

- I suggest that the next thing we do in the forum thread is start talking about a rough agenda for the meeting -- what you'd like to hear discussed.

- I am happy to facilitate the first meeting if the group is large enough that it's going to require someone to do this.


Hurray, I'm excited! Feel free to pass the word on to others. Just email me -- [removed because I don't want it on this forum, send me a private message instead. Click on the 'PM' icon under the username on the right.] -- so that I know to add new people to the email list.

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Re: Parkade at UVic Mob Squad Thread

Postby Ivanhoe » Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:33 pm

Well, I'll start with my suggestions for what to talk about in the first meeting. Anybody feel free to comment on these or to add more at any point. Some of these things could just last a minute, others can be longer, we'll see.

If we had an agenda it wouldn't really have to be strictly followed; it could just be a nice guideline.

- introductions
- territory acknowledgment
- what else to cover in the agenda
- background on parkade
- talking about how to join forces with other concerned groups like the Cadboro Bay Residents' Association, and perhaps getting together with other UVSS clubs that might be interested?
- discussion about strategies for outreach -- not necessarily specific actions, but the spirit in which we would like to approach people
- brainstorming on specific outreach actions
* newspaper-letter-writing potluck?
* table in the SUB, model of parkade built on map of UVic?
* chalk messages on campus
* open forum for discussion on campus (perhaps on the quad) about parkade
- task assignments
- deciding on if/when/where next to meet

- if there's time: free discussion about the group, the larger Occupy movement, etc.

Dunno yet how to fit these into the agenda, but I think we should definitely talk about the following things:

- figuring out who exactly the people at UVic are that are in charge of the parkade so that we can figure out how to talk to them directly [Jan 13th edit: Board of Governors and Senate. Apparently anybody can make a presentation to them...]
- planning to get people to go to the next Saanich council meeting
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