I kinda like this statement ...

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I kinda like this statement ...

Postby Mysticl » Fri Oct 28, 2011 4:24 pm

I saw it on Twitter today.

I think the occupying should start at the houses of people that honestly don't give a shit what they put up with.

... it makes me think of my family. They believe themselves to be engaged but the idea of *occupying* mystifies them to no end .. they do not see the point. They have opinions but they aren't so fimly INVESTED in those opinions that they are willing to fight for them .. to go into that slightly uncomfortable place where they ACT to make those opinions heard.

The funny thing is my sister recently posted a "deep thought quote" you know the kind ... that people post to facebook every once in a while ... it read. "Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone" or something like that, which is REALLY amusing because my sister, and she is a GREAT person very community minded and generous, has not LEFT her comfort zone for as long as I've known her ... and that's a very long time!

I hadn't either ... until I joined the "Occupy" movement. Going to the few GA's I was able to attend in Victoria and speaking out, even heatedly arguing various points, very much took me out of my comfort zone ... and Marching on October 15 was the highlight. I am NOT a shy person and people who manage to get to know me might describe me as extroverted but my life is the anithesis of extroverted. I generally stay at home, I do not have any close friends, generally my contact with the outside world is through the internet, my life is my family. I have NO social contact of any kind ... so for me to do what I did on the weeks leading up to and including October 15 was definitely "Living BEYOND my comfort zone" and it was amazing.

I want to do MORE! I guess speaking out to my family and showing my true face to them after 50+ years of pretending to be someone I wasn't, is about as good as it gets, and pretty close to "occupying" their front yard

I know my recent political comments on facebook to them have them all scratching their heads wondering if I have completely gone around the bend, I'm sure it seems that way to them, cause in the past I'd usually hide my political leanings from them for the sake of peace and familial tranquility, but at least it's start to make them THINK about things beyond their own 4 walls.

We all need to do that .. challenge those around us. MAKE them think outside the box.
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