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coup d'etat by the united nations

PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 8:58 pm
by xtofury
a brief history how this revolution started (click here)

"From November 2010 we have been working on a daily basis in different fields of Internet activism and journalism anonymously. We have decided, however, to become public. The reasons are many, our personal security being the main one."

Interesting how all this started being "planned" since November of 2011.

Interesting how all of these people are all connected and how they claim grass roots when writing about themselves.

Roarmagazine was founded in august of 2010

I am still trying to dig up info on this "Spearhead Action Group" as I sure would like to know who they are.

Santiago Carrion is the son of Paulina Arcos (see paragraph 5)

Also of note, his father is the head of this committee. Big surprise this de-occupy and decolonize Wall street got tossed in so quick after the movement was seeded and started to really take off, this has been a united nations agenda for quite some time now.

So this indeed is the son behind this revolution. His father is the finance minister to Ecuador and listed on Wikipedia's cables as evidence (since Wikipedia is down posted a link to a mirror)

Here they admit to the registration and volunteer some information. and we know who the "we" is that they are talking about!
"Santiago Carrion is a writer and activist who has been involved with the Spanish youth movement since the very beginning. He is a member of the Take the Square and European Revolution working groups and writes for the FuturePress collective at WikiLeaks Central."

"For capacity building, the strongest demand from strategic planners has not been for technical skills in analysis or programming. It has been for skills in process design, facilitation, coordination, negotiation and consensus building" does this lingo all sound familiar?

"training module on indigenous people's issues: the facilitators handbook"

United nations "general assembly"

United nations "facilitator" guides/toolkits/handbooks/etc

good posting there recently on this co-opted ows movement

more info about un decolonization ANONYMOUS SOLDIERS and DEOCCUPATION! LOL this crap goes way back to the 60's and sounds very familiar does it not? (anonymous being united nations logo with a headless guy in a suit in front of it, LOL!).

It is a "process" kind of like what CBI is describing here: "process design".

Then there's the creepy sign at occupy victoria saying it isn't a protest but a process.


Also please note that Santiago Carrion was "We are Pedro Noel and Santiago Carrion Arcos, two Philosophy graduates from different origins, who met while studying in Spain. We were always concerned with politics and human rights, so when Wikileaks broke into the scene we decided to contribute by writing cable analysis" --- that's right the guy reviewing wikileaks cables and co-incidentally doesn't notice sensitive information about his family being released? The document is even marked "sensitive". LOL
this according to the cable and the first link I posted here.

according to Pedro this movement is "grassroots" but then how silly is it someone announcing their own movement they set up is really "grassroots". Self-proclaimed grassroots!

Keep digging the rabbit hole goes deep on this one and the more that gets dug up the more fishy this all appears.

Card used to purchase domains, U.N. corporate card for Paulina Arcos (not a personal card).
the dots all connected says this movement frigging stinks of globalist manipulation! It is undeniable how non-grassroots this setup and planned revolution really is.

Pay attention to united nations documents and the lingo these facilitators use.

here is a story from a writer of the roar magazine.
fishyness with the arab spring and egyptian revolution coming from the "Egyptian National Association for Change" who is affiliated with these two people from egypt discussed in the bio, one of which is associated with roar and this movement.

Abbas goya I see thinks ron paul is the seed of fascism (a roar writer)

Re: coup d'etat by the united nations

PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:30 pm
by ###
Interpretations and analysis aside, thank-you for collecting these documents and facts and presenting them in an orderly way; I also see the origins of occupy in the 60s and with the UN, and the other persons and happenings you cite.

My interpretation of the facts is a little different, because I am seeing unification of the global and the local as a way to cut-out the middle-men of corporation and state.

Re: coup d'etat by the united nations

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:40 am
by xtofury
cutting out the middlemen and replacing them with a tyranny:
http://www.natural-health-information-c ... arius.html ... bw&cad=rja

Let me summarize code alimentrius for you -- vitamins will be illegal unless supplied by big pharma. Strict regulations on health food items will drastically increase the price. Oh yeah they are pretending to protect people, but who's the globalists we are fighting against? It most certainly is big pharma. ... 8320101021

The UN has the nerve to engage in geo-engineering. Why is it "freeze" have they already been doing things? ... =firefox-a

G20 tyranny. Who is the G20 could it be the United Nations? ... etary_Fund
united nations organization where if you do your research you will see they have achieved less employment, more poverty, and encouraged tax increases. Just ask those in jamaica who now pay 17% tax on staples like bread and milk. ... 2520091224

any way you slice it, when the imf gets involved the poor always end up paying more. The united nations pretends to be good but shouldn't it be clear by now, they are tyrannical and are willing to do whatever it takes to sucker us all into more of their control.

I don't view them as the savior of this planet and if you do you are flat out an ignorant fool, the worst move people could ever make is buy into this global governance by the managers who've already established their incompetence.

Re: coup d'etat by the united nations

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:59 am
by xtofury ... 6_2011.pdf

This of course being the NLP-rife guide to group-think used by these fashillitators. Written by the united nations, seeing as we know who controls the domain:

The futurepress ties takethesquare, santiago carrion and the united nations together (paulina arcos, francisco carrion mena).

The links are pretty clear so please stop the denial and pretending this is not news, some of us will never be satisfied until every new person that joins your occupation movement is informed, the system used by that guide is scrapped in it's entirety, and these facilitators rotated out in favour of real people who have actually taken risks of any sort (which is one thing I never see the facilitators doing). I understand maybe there's one in the group and he seems to be an ok guy but seriously, he tells me he understands the co-opt and I guess maybe people are scared and they prefer to be more discreet about how they mention this information (if at all, that's what scares me). All the evidence I see from the paov and the ows movement as a whole is indicative that there is a system that has shut down resistance to the movement and plays people off as the group claiming to be aware of manipulation and cooption however no actions specifically addressing the issue are ever discussed. This possibility and the solution should be talked about at every ga meeting, mentioned at every pr stunt, and not edited out --> THAT IS HOW I KNOW THIS ISSUE IS BEING SYSTEMATICALLY IGNORED AND DIFFUSED.

And I am not the only person experiencing the same problems: ... e-mccurry/

There is no being polite when dealing with a psychological program designed to usher in world government, I will not be bullied by a majority of fools who think that is what is best for the world. No thank you to soft-tyranny.

Re: coup d'etat by the united nations

PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:04 am
by ###
I like your information. We agree on facts. takethesquare is definately related to NLP. About a decade ago Grinder acknowledged that NLP was seriously flawed and NC NLP replaced it. Modeling has it's limitations: NLP and NC NLP are objective oriented, while # is subjective oriented. occupy is wanting to be scientific, and hypothetical, ("doesn't seem to be going anywhere"), where as, Grinder always assumes the objectives at the begining (money, cars). What occupy takes from NLP is modeling; I see # method and values as associated around the key word: "empathy". For Grinder, ends are given and means are experimental; while for #, both ends and means are variable.


The CIA does not need to interfere when shyness, hostility, confusion and incompetence can take care of derailing the process easily enough. Anyway, CIAs are basic facts of logic, automatic self-forming paranoid social organs, like mitochondria or something. # could use some radical and also doable proposals such as immediate activation of direct edemocracy at municipal level, total no autos except ambulance, etc for all of downtown west of Douglas, occupy all vacant buildings in Victoria: list is now available: positibility: homelessness, landlordism, and the patriarchal-territorial property system are all disolved immediately...

Re: coup d'etat by the united nations

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:25 am
by xtofury

Who are you? I see from the history of your account that you've made other posts and appear to be in the "inner circle" either a facilitator or working group leader. So let's have a name. This is a big deal, basically here is an admission to occupy and specifically the people's assembly of victoria employing the use of neuro linguistic programming to manipulate people. This explains alot. Don't worry plenty have seen this post by now I let it sit on here for months and didn't make a big deal of this till compiling a more consolidated list of information to toss onto this thread. ... e=1&ref=nf - local guide to people's assembly ... ysis-10-08 - 1,000 cities video - wikipedia ... 332&type=1 - photographs of propaganda - individuality vs collectivism (old occupy victoria facebook group) ... r_embedded - otpor ... DqjwFAXV-0 - what about a co-opt right from the very start? ... sGs8eFld1U - background on who humanity is fighting ... eef90b2b2f - figure this one out later ... rU5df2yTsw -- good vid of presidential warnings. ... Ji06axGmYU - canvas workshop (don't worry for occupy they tried online training and had a bunch of pre-trained shills for facilitation).

http://unsettlingamerica.files.wordpres ... 15x734.jpg - oct 14th graphic already showing hijacked native agenda (before people even showed up to vote on anything). ... eds-focus/ - get in touch with author once new vid and promotional materials setup ... y-one.html - can i get lawrence to dictate this for the vid? ... kq3Y2vRpv8 - silly occupy anthem, does the song make you wanna blindly join a movement without seriously questioning it and noticing the crazy censorship going on in their groups and the steering facilitators do to help "fashillitate" the GA's ... e=1&ref=nf - more indigenous propaganda and hate towards "whitey"

no leaders? ... ronto.html ... Adh8i61PQs ... _6zaObmEe4 - a little paranoid however the pyramid is the imagery used and interesting how it is used with the words "point of order"
otpor link established with otpor here, vid of the goof that is part of it with his serbian/chech accent you can tell. ... V9A2IGShuk - not a huge david icke fan because of his "reptillians" view points being off the wall in my books but he has some interesting insights to share and doesn't mention the weird stuff so... good vid. ... aXv-MPCJbs - psion house-> talking about power over people's minds, and mentions the coming insurrection and people don't think this insurrection was planned to be controlled from the very start? His advice is bad, you have to first make sure that what you are backing isn't already controlled in the first place. ... ronto.html - lawrence thanks for fighting the good fight to get a revolution out there with the right goals in mind. ... 7829654210 - I'll be sure to post my vid in here so people can see occupy was co-opted from the very start and measures were put in place to ensure that this was a "facilitated" revolution against the sacrificial pawns the elites plan on blaming. - interesting, it says free speech, but I didn't see that working out so well for the better part of occupies presence on facebook across the world. ... tober-15th - a juicy article, biased towards occupy, fails to mention WAC's occupy rally, mentions the meetings for occupy started on the 5th which is funny because we had our group established and were out there actually doing the protesting first. I guess we didn't fit in too well with their planned agenda of subverting real revolution. It won't be happening this next time coming up, people are awake and we have a core of freedom fighters and a clear goal. No occupy v2.0 this spring, it will get eclipsed by a new revolution that actually represents us all. ... yqffx8Mdg4 - archived this months ago and have on youtube and livestream, but should keep in notes for forum postings it is a great message. ... yqffx8Mdg4 - indoctrinating people into a system TPTB can use to manipulate people by distracting people from the fact that the process is steered by facilitators. ... detailpage -- look out for the one thing they've not warned you about; a hijack right from the very start and a system designed to maintain it. ... a=N&tab=wl -- un plaza on google maps

Grab occupy on a map and cross reference with previous link. ... ideo_title - I must ask alex about this video again or watch it myself later.... - adbuster's owner's communist roots. ... =firefox-a - more kalle lasn communism, google search ... -are-they/ - info about adbusters - another stange occupy mantra, I'd be careful about anybody that goes around telling people they are "angry" or "violent with their words", etc. Empathy is being able to put yourself in another's shoes, not shoving what you believe people feel down their own throats. ... standings/ - a brief lie to make it all seem like some uncanny co-incidence of epic proportions rather than a calculated plot to manipulate the masses. ... 72174.html - and what if it isn't a revolution but a distraction along the way to the real movement --> FREEDOM! - even in occupy some people are more equal than others (more equal than the whities because of actions I never did I get to be less equal now)! - ahh so that's who paulina arcos is. ... lonization - and that's who her husband is, the chair of decolonization committee. ... z1cgwF5gpX - even acorn has it's parasite tentacles into occupy - united nations shills and magazine whores. This is the grassroots of revolution and the secret hand behind - first they complain about no media coverage, then they seem to tolerate the backstabbing msm more than independent news reporters. - OWS porta-prison shelter. ... d_for_rape - OWS coverup of rape. This occupation doesn't have the moral backbone it needs to survive. ... petrators/ - more on OWS coverup of rape ... 8707586503 - occupy toronto has a proposed list of demands, but this one fizzled out because occupy was never meant to have clear goals. ... -protests/ -- more about acorn coverup ... 89x6643460 - acorn's ties to united nations ... r_embedded - freespeech censorship, obvious if you say the wrong thing, not only do people get threats, they are encroached upon by facilitators abound trying to silence them (or at least trying to move you into the "cone of silence"). - an untrustworthy publisher with a fishy name in the united nations plaza. ... r_embedded - mark dice on OWS ... lumbiaHome - the next protest will have no tents, it will have no urine dumps or needle cleanup. - a good idea, too bad that wasn't anywhere on the list of demands or events that actually worked. I didn't see anybody withdraw consent I was the only person to have cut up their id's when issuing an open challenge for others to do the same. what a bunch of cowards. Guess people still have too much to lose and won't stop playing the game until it has all been taken away (hopefully it won't be too late when this is realized). - a good thing to review considering occupy is tavistock styled system. ... grec_index - it was a joke but I think the people will get the last laugh. - lawrence discussing his experiences with OWS and with regards to trying to get a list of demands voted on. ... e96cc95fc4 - livestream, think it might be the same as the last link. ... ideo_title - same inbred family of elites pulling the strings everywhere. - this guy supports OWS, a great canadian who compares humans to maggots. ... 2/asun.htm - anonymous is the anonymous soldiers of the united nations, promoting revolution, pulling cheap hacks, exploiting 12 year old script kiddies for cover. - the un agenda that bleeds right into OWS ... bsite.html - more info on the master puppeteers ... 1304377260 - link establishing ties with paulina arcos and carrion mena (and their son, santiago, from futurepress) ... 2F61%2F333 -- observe united nations lingo (virtually identical to ows) ... ule_en.pdf - decolonization facilitation guide from the united nations (look at the language, virtually identical to OWS) ... -hijacked/ - hijacked ... evelopment - consensus building institute, brought to you by the united nations and their elite buddies.

viewtopic.php?f=9&t=97&p=224&sid=b6ab5e6118597d7e127e7c6a0c35ee5f#p224 - who is zazie (important regarding a follow up post to a thread I'd made)

viewtopic.php?f=9&t=73 - they seem to know NLP techniques and admit to employing them. - the co-opting of ows @ infowars - haha banned me from one of your groups (it's ok I can make one final post of a solid vid and wall of links to deal one final blow later to this pre-occupation and get us a chance at a real revolution that is lead by real people not these university poli-sci probably bribed and trained facilitators. I do not need representation and facilitation, I would like to encourage people who want to represent themselves to send occupy a message one day that a real revolution is here and it is larger than their 99% (because they aren't 99% of anything). ... s-concept/ - very well put. I have a problem with consensus too! ... ivism.html - for liberty minded folks out there. Maybe a few occupy supporters will get this as the main reason why I cannot support occupy's system of consensus. - learn about liberty. You know that thing that seems lost on occupy which is weird because they are called the liberal leftists. The word liberty and liberal stems from the same base word of liber, liber being library or by definition the literal sense of the word knowledge. Let liberty be the judge. ... %E2%80%9D/ - more of that lovely censorship. ... 6_2011.pdf - the guide to protesting, the very system that was never allowed to be up for debate. Conform to this system or don't be part of occupy. go to their GA meetings and get side swept every single time you express issues with their system of puppeteering via facilitation. - occupy wallstreet media founder and fundraiser
http://revolutionaryfrontlines.wordpres ... d-with-us/ - jed's project of communism. ... Change.pdf - brought to you by goldman sachs and the united nations ... sachs.html - un foundation, a partnership mainly with goldman sachs - occupy condemning goldman sachs ... 7_05d.html - more goldman sachs connection - being coopted? It was from the very beginning adam, which he knows, check out his first episode he did freelance away from RT. He discusses something that irked him about this movement right from the getgo. - who is behind occupy wallstreet -- the united nations, and they want their dictatorship to offer the g7000000000 so that people are fooled into thinking they are being represented. - censorship at occupy toronto. - what has occupy done to address the concerns that this might be the unity they will get for humanity? ... ture=share - why paying taxes is immoral ... bwGsOBTlhE - penn and teller on "that should be banned" mentality & the free flow of ideas and free speech. ... l3IM0esWXM - tavistock agenda - brought to you by jed brandt - occupy toronto confronts facilitators - Interesting, I believe the UN is dirty it should be interesting to see what becomes of this case in the kangaroo court circuit. - check it out and see if anything's useful maybe maybe not - protestor of the year being depicted as a terrorist. ... acf001.htm - delphi technique, part of the NLP package occupy uses to manipulate people with. ... lapse.html - market manipulation to cause the collapse. - about that lack of focus... what a screw up for Occupy Vancouver - looks like there they aren't the 99% and I think ron paul speaks in ways that stand up for liberty. - otpor the video game to brainwash people with. - ows call for totalitarian gov ... ronto.html - pay attention to cop wondering about taylor - ahh taylor is an occupy shill
May be duplicate but if not be sure to record. - zeitgeist attempt to hijack

viewtopic.php?f=9&t=73 - caught red handed! Admits to NLP use in occupy, as well, barks orders and takes down notes for night's meeting minutes.

And guess what -- that does not include my video archive, my produced videos recording pages for use in my documentary, nor does it include evidence from individual facebook group postings across canada produced this way.

Occupy has a huge censorship issue and people have been warned about this sort of behaviour.

Speaking of NLP, have a look at and take notice that every page on the site has "SUBMIT" in big bold (the biggest and boldest actually) letters.

Expect what you wrote out there to be blasted out there forever. I won't be the only person around who wants to know who the hell you are.

Re: coup d'etat by the united nations

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:52 am
by ###

I love this vid,

Great great collection of information.

My only concern at the moment is, I'm seeing information presented in a way as though there is an attempt to prove NLP or UN elements in #occupy. There's no need for proof. It's 100%. I fear I'm seeing an argument, but it's not required. Great historical documentation.

Re: coup d'etat by the united nations

PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:15 am
by xtofury
oh really, well in that case I've compiled even more evidence to convince you: ... -aka-paov/

And there's plenty more coming where that came from.

I conclude with a photograph:

Re: coup d'etat by the united nations

PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:21 am
by xtofury