Changing (divide and conquer) to Unify and Prosper

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Changing (divide and conquer) to Unify and Prosper

Postby JUSTICE » Sat Nov 19, 2011 3:27 pm

Hi my name is Bonnie and some of you may have met me at the assembly meetings or at the Occupy. At the last assembly I spoke about how language can be used to single people out in what is commonly known as class-ism. Part of the problem with class-ism is that it is very easy to hide and be mistaken for something else.As a stripper I have come to learn from first hand experience about society use hierarchy .How it is instilled on such a unconscious level. Well seeming-good heart-ed intentions can become laced with class-ism.One of the ways it disguises itself is through language.Education can be bought it is a sign of wealth and there is nothing wrong with wealth but when education is used to create language barriers that divide the people it becomes an issue one that I think is very personal to each individual.You must ask yourself why? Why would I intentionally misuse a tool to divide a people that are trying to unify? Perhaps its is about about ego well then let me remind you that "absolute power corrupts absolutely". Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and the way to make this work is by unifying if you have a strength like whoever built this site (good on you btw)then utilizing it without discrimination,educating,serving the group in the best way you can whatever way that maybe. I have a saying that applies here "If I don't know something,that doesn't matter-my experience is much different then yours, if you tell me-share that information with me then the next time someone asks I will know."I am happy for all the experience everyone can bring to the table so lets focus always on unifying and prospering.Culturally we are all narcissists casting ourselves in roles where "I am the hero,the strongest,the important one,the smartest,the prettiest,the wealthiest,the most worthy of love our society is set up this way it is nonsense we have a real opportunity here to change just that.Leading by example breaking away from what we have been taught.Please think about this forgive yourself for your own ambitions of grandeur and utilize your talents.
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Re: Changing (divide and conquer) to Unify and Prosper

Postby ### » Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:29 am

I like this.
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