NYE Global Mic Check: We need some discussion on the potenti

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NYE Global Mic Check: We need some discussion on the potenti

Postby ialmostthewhole » Mon Nov 21, 2011 4:00 am

Hey everyone,

I'm here from Reddit on a mission. We've been having a discussion on doing a global event on New Years Eve, in each city that has an Occupy movement. Since I'm from here, this is my first stop on seeing if there is interest in this. It's simple, it's not going to save the world, but it will get global attention from our local audiences.

Below is from the thread that we're starting on Reddit regarding this, and we're hoping that in here, we can have a discussion on the plausibility of this and possibly move forward with it.


Our goal is to create a conversation in our communities, and to create some curiosity in the people that we interact with during this action, and educate where we can.


What we are proposing is the following:

*We are not doing this to interact with the main stream media. We are doing this to communicate with people at the community level, face to face.
The MSM has already proven itself to not be effective in raising awareness about the OWS movement. We need to go back to basics to raise awareness, just like the people's mic. The people's mic is such a brilliant way of having voices heard in a large crowd, and it is implicitly simple.

The more people that we can talk to in person, to create a dialogue, the better. Some will side with us, some will be neutral, and some will be against us. But they'll talk. And when they talk, the media will have no choice, once the conversation grows large enough. Have you seen the pink elephant that you're not supposed to be thinking about? Exactly.

*We'd like to use the people's mic to do a mic check close to midnight, when there are the most people gathered in each city that has a public event, and keep it as simple as possible.

The idea is that we would have a concise communique that we would mic check out to the crowd. We would want to have pockets of people throughout the crowd in x size groups, as voices together are easier to hear.

*We do not want to piss people off and do this at a time when people are at the climax of celebration. Depending on the length of the communique (30 to 45 seconds should likely be tops, others who know about average attention spans will know better), we would want to do this as close to midnight as possible. For instance, if the message was 45 seconds long at the longest potential time, we could do it at 23:59:00 to 23:59:45, and not interrupt the countdown.

Engage people. When people take a stand like this in public, it will cause people to walk up to us and ask us what that was all about. We need to know that for those that speak for parts of the movement, *we need to know our relevant talking points for our region and nation, and what our local Occupy movement embodies.
*Celestro (from Reddit) wrote the following for the potential mic check:

"Mic check! Mic check! We are the 99%! YOU are the 99%! Together we have the power... To create a better life! For our parents! For ourselves! And especially for our children! Let 2011 be the end... Of inequality and corruption! Let 2012 be the beginning... Of a better life for all! We are all in this together! And together... We can CHANGE THE WORLD!"

This, or something that embodies this. <3

Please, add to this. This is likely all gibberish as it's late and I'm sleepy. Let's talk about it, and see if there is any support for doing such a thing.

In solidarity.
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