Why I am for the Occupy Movement

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Why I am for the Occupy Movement

Postby Mysticl » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:11 am

In 1977 the mega rich in this country controlled a mere 7.7% of our country’s growth income, things were pretty rosy then for the average family … looking back. By 2007 that percentage had crept up to to 14% in effect doubling in 30 years … a slow but steady pace … and a mere 4 years later, the mega rich slice of the income pie has MORE THAN DOUBLED AGAIN to 32% of ALL growth income in the country!

In the last 4 years the wealthiest 1% of us doubled their income to control 32% of the wealth … think about that … THINK about the remaining 99% … where does that leave US? The wealthiest Canadians and corporations are doubling their filthy rich incomes in 4 years … how’s YOUR annual income doing these days .. IF you happen to be employed at a level matching your education … and IF your job security is stable .. maybe you even have a pension (lucky you) … THINK about it .. did YOUR income double in the last 4 years? Is it going to double in the NEXT 4 years? The next TWO years?

Now don’t get me wrong … I know some people in this country will always be rich and who knows maybe they even deserve it but no way under any circumstance is an inequity of income like what I just described justifiable in ANY economy … and that inequity is growing faster in Canada than in the US. That fact bears repeating. The rich are getting richer at an exponentially faster rate than the remaining 99% of us. That’s not just unfair … that’s obscene. When will they be satisfied … when they have it ALL?

And believe me all that wealth is being used to buy power and influence in our government. The ONLY leverage the people have is our numbers. I don't care whether you are Conservative, or Liberal or NDP or whatever ... if YOU are part of the 99% you need to be standing WITH us not against us as we fight the control the 1% have over us, that they are using to strangle us and to corrupt our government and politicians. Trust me the politicians are serving their real constituents and they are doing their job beautifully, it just isn't US they are serving ... it's the 1% ... the one who can donate a big chunk of the money they don't need to survive on, to BUY that influence. Until we, as a people, WAKE UP and start paying attention again, things will stay the same ... the rich will keep getting richer until they have everything and we have nothing ... and trust me ... THAT will definitely wake folks up out of their apathy ... that day is coming sooner than you may think.

Why do YOU support the Occupy movement?
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