Where are PAOV resolutions posted?

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Where are PAOV resolutions posted?

Postby Cam » Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:33 pm

Given the debate about whether or not the demonstration at the Santa Claus Parade was or was not a PAOV general assembly decision, I tried to find the resolutions of the PAOV. Are they anywhere on the site? People need to see what the PAOVs have decided.
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Re: Where are PAOV resolutions posted?

Postby Mysticl » Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:47 am

I am unable to attend GA's so don't have any first hand info. Generally Minutes of the GA's are posted on the PAOV.ca website here:


or you can try using the "contact us" email addresses listed on the webpage to ask someone closer to the action.
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Re: Where are PAOV resolutions posted?

Postby ### » Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:53 pm

Hi Cam. The minutes are not available together on the main site because it takes time to organize big happenings involving many people. The minutes all exist online, digitally, video, etc -- but not all in one place.

According to my memory, and the minutes of the GAs of the 24th and the 20th, there was no proposal about the parade.

"8. Work Group Proposals

- paov spend 200$ to buy a light bulb for a projector.

Q: Was there a scratch on the lightbulb?
A: There is a return policy.

Q: Is there somewhere to use the projector?
A: Anywhere. Good PR.

Q: Doesn't Camas have a projector?
A: We could maybe use that.

Proposal withdrawn

- Adopt Concensus Procedure

Clarifying questions
Concerns (not debate)
Friendly ammendments
Concensus check
After 20 minutes to table is the default

Q: Why change it?
A: Streamline.

Q: Will people feel pressured?
A: Tues/Wed night proposal night might ease this.

Q: If passed will we start using it right now?
A: Yes. Let's do it now.


9. Work Group and Individual Proposals

- Proposals to be in writing.

Tuesday night omnibus process meet-ups is designed for this purpose. Work-shop is voluntary. Written proposals will tend to get priority. Ultimately a phone number and online submission tool will be available.


- Proposal to offer coffee and donuts to city officials who may show up on Monday to enforce the eviction.

Coffee, donuts, -- and fruit and vegetables. Some funds are collected to buy from local café.


- Proposal to form a list of positive events that will present well in the media.


- Proposal to limit proposals to only those that have been cleared by a process review.

All proposals have equal value regardless of the time or place of hearing. Occupy NY does not require any pre-authorization of proposals.


- Proposal to approach churches with lawns to find a camper friendly occupy site and prepare a code of conduct such as dry, sober, etc.

This contract-like proposal is not in the “occupy” spirit which is about TAZ and claiming a free space without permission and authorization.


- Proposal that PAOV endorse the following: to save the planet, reduce consumption, and share what we have.


"9. Individual Proposals

- Suzuki handouts - green holiday tips

Q: Is it real Suzuki Foundation handouts.
A: Yes.

Q: Is this the only lit that will be handed out?
A: No.

Q: Should we have to pass all lit?
A: No.


- Cancel paov parade activities, issue a media release instead.

Q: Who is the paov?
A: Anyone.

- this is going off-topic...

- the media will make anything we say sound bad

- make positive statements of intention

- a press release is weak compared to a parade

- a DVBA called us "disgusting"

- safety concerns, possible violence against paov identified people

- paov is free for all is confusing

- A facebook account on # and the parade is closed after many exasperating comments were made against occupy

- The parade was never consensed by a General Assembly, it was a Workgroup effort, so what's the point of cancelling something the paov assembly never initiated...?


- paov endorses a walk to Ottawa.

Q: Is there a leader?
A: No, just volunteers.

Q: When:
A: 2012, 4 months, ending in April.

- do we need approval for everything?

friendly ammendment:
let's hear back about this in 3 weeks ok?



- Week day assemblies indoors?

Q: Thursday:
A: Yes.

Q: Where?
A: To be announced.

this is not specific


- Discuss about the cancelling the parade ten minutes more?

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